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Hutch Sri Lanka Becomes the Nation's First Child-friendly Network

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

As pioneers of mobile telecommunications services in Sri Lanka, Hutch acknowledges the profound impact it has on the daily lives of its customers, particularly children and adolescents who are significant users of their services. Embracing the belief in the positive potential of technology, the company has identified child protection online as a top priority.

In recognition of the ever-evolving nature of technology and its increasing prominence in daily life, Hutch emphasizes the enduring importance of families staying actively involved in their children's lives. While digital communication devices have become ubiquitous, Hutch recognizes that enforcing a strict no-use policy is not a practical solution. Instead, the company advocates for parents to take an active role in teaching their children responsible and safe device usage within a supportive environment.

Addressing the unique challenges faced by parents in the digital age, Hutch introduces the groundbreaking Hutch Junior Internet Guard, the first-of-its-kind service launched by a network carrier in Sri Lanka. This innovative solution, powered by vxSafenet, the patent-pending network-based parental control platform developed by VizuaMatix, empowers parents to ensure their children's internet experiences remain safe, enjoyable, and productive. By enforcing secure and child-friendly content on the child's internet connection, Junior Internet Guard equips parents with advanced, non-invasive, and user-friendly parental controls.

Traditionally, parental control has relied on third-party mobile apps installed on children's devices, which often come with limited features and high recurrent costs. Recognizing the drawbacks of this approach, Hutch's Junior Internet Guard operates differently. All parental controls and content/malware filtering are conducted on Hutch's core network, eliminating the need for a separate mobile app on the child's device.

The service offers an intuitive user interface, allowing parents to subscribe and interact with it conveniently through the Hutch Selfcare app or USSD, without requiring installation on the child's device. Notably, Junior Internet Guard introduces a unique quota management function, enabling parents to allocate data quotas for different apps, effectively managing data limits and budgets.

One distinctive advantage of Junior Internet Guard, compared to app-based parental control software, is its robust security. As a network-level solution powered by vxSafenet, it significantly reduces the possibility of anyone other than authorized administrators bypassing the system, ensuring a higher level of protection.

Despite its advanced features, one of the most appealing aspects of Junior Internet Guard to Sri Lankan parents is its affordability. Hutch proudly offers this service at an affordable cost of only Rs. 200 per month, exemplifying the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet customer needs while simultaneously addressing significant challenges in the telecom industry.

As a forward-thinking telecom organization, Hutch remains dedicated to creating tailored and user-centric services. The introduction of Hutch Junior Internet Guard, powered by vxSafenet, marks a proactive step in addressing the evolving landscape of telecommunications in Sri Lanka, setting a new standard for network-based parental control platforms.


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